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Understanding Dating And Personals Acronyms

AC/DC - Bi-Sexual Person

BBW - Big Beautiful adult tube Woman

BDSM - Any subset of B&D, D/s, and SM

BD - Bondage/Discipline

BF - Boyfriend

BHM - Big Handsome Man

BiM - Bisexual Male

BiF - Bisexual Female

CD - Cross-dresser

CPL - Couple

DDF - Drug and Disease Free

FA - Fat Admirer

F2F - Face to Face, Meeting in Person

GBF - Gay Black Female

GBM - Gay Black Male

GWF - Gay free adult video White Female

GWM - Gay White Male

GF - Girlfriend

GSOH - Good Sense of Humor

HWP - Height & Weight Proportional

ISO - Insignificant Other

ISO- In Search Of

LDR- Long Distance Relationship

LTR - Long Term Relationship

MBA - Married But Available

MWC - Married With Children

MWF - Married White Female

MWM - Married White Male

NLP - No Losers Please

NS - Non Smoker

NUMP - No Ugly Men Please

NUWP - No Ugly Women Please

PA - Photo Appreciated

PF - Professional Female

PM - Professional Male

QT - Cutie

RL - Real Life

SALT - Single and Loving It

SBF - Single Black Female

SBM - Single adult movie Black Male

SCF - Single Christina Female

SCM - Single Christian Male

SHF - Single Hispanic Female

SHM - Single Hispanic Male

SINK - Single Income, No Kids

SJF - Single Jewish Female

SJM - Single Jewish Male

SO - Significant Other

SOH - Sense of Humor

SPARK - Single Parent Raising Kids

SWF - Single White Female

SWM - Single White Male

TG - Transgender

TIC - Tongue in Cheek

TS - Transsexual

TV - Transvestite

TOY - Thinking of You

WLTM - Would Love to Meet

Now you will be able to decipher what people are talking about on the various dating sites. It maybe even help you to avoid some sites that are not of interest to you.

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