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How To Write An Attractive Online Dating Profile And Sell Your Wares To The Opposite Sex

In the cyber world of online dating, you can be sitting at your computer in your 3 day old pajamas or dressed to the nines and no one will ever be the wiser. What speaks for every single out there is the profile adult you tube they put up on the various dating sites. Most singles, unfortunately, put far too little thought into what ends up being their first impression on thousands of people.

If you knew your picture was going to be on a billboard, wouldn't you dress up a bit, put a little make up on, brush your hair and take off the ketchup stained t-shirt in favor of something a little nicer? Well, I hate to break it to ya, but your onoine dating profile IS your billboard, and thousands of people are cruising by it every day, giving it a second look - or not.

So how do you get the ever elusive shot single to take a second look at your own profile? Sell yourself. Sell yourself in your profile by using a few (somewhat sneaky) little techniques I am about to share with you here.

Number one online dating profile tip: USE A CATCHY HEADLINE! Do not, seriously folks, do NOT put in your headline "Single White Female Looking for a Good Time". Well that's a revelation! Who isn't? This is not going to get a single guy's attention. Try a little humor. Here are some great ones: 74 Model for Lease with Option to Buy, The odds are good, but the goods are odd, Imitation Free, Short Sweet and Likes to Point, Looking for a great e-male!

Online Dating Profile tip number two - use a CURRENT picture - of how you REALLY look (ok, how you look when you go out in public at least. We don't want to scare them.) Don't put your high school yearbook picture in your online profile if you are 35 years old. Don't tell them you are slim and athletic if you are not. Be honest and the other singles will appreciate that.

Tip number three for a killer online dating profile is to show them your stuff! (And I do not mean with the cheesecake kiss me face, either). You need to tell all the other singles out there who you are and why they should choose you. And don't tell them in every day terms, either. Don't say "I'm sweet, intelligent, attractive and a great cook". Yaddah yaddah yaddah. That's a bore. Tell them a story about you! Tell them an anecdote, tell them you love to read books about sword-fighting Scotsmen and occasionally leap from a balcony (who doesn't, right??). Tell the other singles that you love to dance, but you promise you don't look like the guy from Hitch. Tell them you intend to rule the world one day, you are just looking for your perfect Pinky. Keep it spicy, keep it fun and keep it attractive. Make them want to know more - but don't tell them everything.

A fourth tip for writing your online dating profile is to tell the other singles exactly what YOU are looking for. Don't say, "I'm looking for someone to date." Well no kidding! Tell them you need someone who is lively and on the go, who likes to go out every Friday and party till the break of dawn or you want someone who loves to stay home in their t-shirt and boxers and watch old reruns of Gilligan's Island. Be specific and be honest.

Your online dating profile is your storefront - so advertise yourself well. Keep in mind though, that the goods you ARE selling are precious, and the right buyer has to come along before you open that cash register drawer!

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